Organisational Intelligence

Is your organisation able to respond instantly and efficiently to challenges?

Which reflexes need honing?

Organisational Intelligence (OQ) allows organised systems to learn from their successes and mistakes, getting everyone involved focused on maximising results, enabling spontaneity and intuition to fall on a fertile soil, within a supporting environment. Looking at the organisation thru a systemic lens, the farther and faster a given organisation is able to read impulses coming its way, accurately and intelligently interpret them and as a consequence organise itself for its acting on it to bear optimal impact, the higher the measurable results – results as expected outputs of the organisation, results as leadership and management see them, results feeding workers and partners.

Varying fields of organisational intelligence contribute significantly to the success of a given organisation, whether a public service area, private manufacturing or services corporation, or a family owned business.

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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) characterises the complex art of integrating the human factor into a business environment. As sophisticated as some business models may be, and none withstanding their propensity to drive home positive results, it all hinges on people’s ability to show up fully at the workplace.

Focusing on leadership skills and capabilities, the Emotional Intelligence (EQ) framework identifies the main drivers for individuals to live their genius fully in the work environment. Leadership styles, emotional competencies, boundaries of a comfort zones and exploration of shadow aspects of one’s value system have a bearing on one’s ability to take optimal choices – or rather not – on a daily basis, on an hourly or even moment by moment basis.

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Happiness Intelligence

Happiness Intelligence (HQ) is a field little investigated in most business organisations. Based on the dynamics of enjoyment and its effect on the individual, this discipline defines the levers allowing a significant increase in value for all participants in an organisation, as soon as their own value system gets positively reinforced.

Fascinating field where resonance between individuals and groups is shown to impact reality, the setting up and driving of an organisational value system driving to increased happiness is far from its initial risible beginnings. Taught at Harvard, this field of impact on systems holds immense latent levers.

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Organisational Intelligence Interventions (OQ)

Organisational Change Leadership

Success hinges upon people making new ways theirs. You may have had this very experience: in the face of novelty or the unexpected, old and deeply engrained pattern kick in, dragging you back to your comfort zone of habits and known ways. The smartest concepts and best ideas require people to embrace them in order for success to take place.

Does that happen naturally around you or do you need support in the matter? We provide experience, know-how and method for this mindset and clarity to be welcomed on your project and around you.

Humane Project Management

Life is what happens whilst you are planning… goes the saying. There is a fine line between a perfect project planning framework and a plan that will lead to an optimal delivery. Our extensive experience in managing large scale projects has brought us to recognise the cornerstones a stable edifice requires.

Most hinges on including the human aspect of any project into its planning framework, as well as the mechanisms to capture the unexpected as it happens. We happily provide interim management, audit services and conceptual training events for beginners and specialists alike.

Leadership Team Facilitation

Bringing a group of individuals to express their very best, volunteering their genius and respecting diversity on an ongoing base is a challenge for all organisations. Based on EQ principles, this facilitation proposes to audit a given situation, provide a dotted line aiming at reaching group excellence as well as an expert facilitation in group situations and the creation of diverse learning opportunities for all participants.

Experienced situations include:

- Collaborative Planning

- Scenario Planning

- Joint Business & IT Governance

- Risk Management Explorations

- Stakeholder Information Sessions.

Generation Handover in Family Owned Businesses

Family dynamics interacting with business requirements is a combo found in most family owned businesses, size of the organisation not being a determining factor.

At the time of generational hand-over, what seemed to work well in an on-going stable framework can show cracks at the seams under the pressure of the once-in-a-lifetime commitments to be realised. Our experience in conducting and facilitating the relational aspect and its business implications allows us to act as a valuable partner during the hand-over preparation and setting up success tracking plans.

Train The Trainer & Presentation Skills Courses

Project team specialists of all sorts tend to put enormous effort into building an optimal solution, way less into getting their message across and reaping the benefits of acrimonious preparation at critical presentation events.

Aiming at guiding specialist resources to maximise their impact on a given audience (i.e. project steering committee decision briefing, sales presentations, product demonstrations or end-user training), this popular intervention guides participants through a series of simulations and leaves them with a personal development plan.

One-on-One Coaching Programs

The added value of regular sessions with a peer have since long been proven. Are you lucky enough to have such a peer or mentor in your direct vicinity, or do you still require support?

Taking the form of live sparring on business issues at hand followed by step by step debriefing, these preparatory or lessons-learned sessions allow uncovering limiting habits, exploring unseen alternatives and putting in place bettering programs starting at the head of the organisation.

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